Luxury Houses

La Maddalena is an extraordinary Land. It is a few from the Gallura coasts, known throughout the world for the beauty of the Costa Smeralda but capable of giving splendid suggestions in every corner. Mesa Immobiliare luxury houses are exclusive housing solutions, built in the most beautiful areas of one of the most fascinating regions of Sardinia. The sea-view apartments offer magical suggestions on the coast and are a short distance from the beaches, which in some cases can also be reached on foot with a pleasant walk. Nature is the protagonist of luxury houses in La Maddalena, an incntaminated and still virgin land, which man has been preserving and protecting for millennia. The same is done by the agency Mesa Immobiliare, which aims to find the perfect balance with the environment that hosts them in the construction of its apartments.


All the sea view houses of La Maddalena built by our agency boast top-quality finishes. Every detail is the result of careful design work that aims to create luxury apartments. Those who choose to rely on Mesa Immobiliare know they are buying quality houses in La Maddalena that are made using excellent raw materials, often from the same territory.

Granite is an extraordinary resource for this corner of Sardinia, as well as a high quality finishing element exported all over the world for its undoubted beauty and quality. 

The houses overlooking the sea in La Maddalena are places in which you can feel protected and safe. From the apartments of La Maddalena of Mesa Immobiliare, the Costa Smeralda can be reached with a short navigation. From this, however, they are far enough away to see the most sincere life of Sardinia, without giving up the summer nightlife of one of the most worldly and luxurious places on the planet.